Coffee "Ancestral"

Coffee “Ancestral”

Our Ancestral Coffee is processed as “Natural”, sweet and vinous notes stand out; obtained by carefully drying the coffee cherries without quitting its pulp, with all its fruit attributes.

This method also gives a greater body and character, with a pleasant and persistent residual flavor. Intense aroma and a fragrance that resembles red fruits, brings to the mouth a full-bodied wine notes flavor very pronounced creamy, with great sweetness and low acidity. A cup of coffee so complex that its lingering aftertaste makes it difficult to forget

It is also the most eco-friendly coffee that can be produced, as we do not use water in this process.

We are proud to have won the GOLD CUP “Yara Champion Antioquia 2020 – Processes Category” and the SILVER CUP “Altitude Coffee fest Concordia 2021” with our Ancestral coffee

  • Coffee Freshly Roasted in Origin: Finca La Manchuria

  • Process: Natural – Fermented and dried with its pulp

  • Altitude: +1850 m.





Additional information

Weight350 g

Grano, Molido ( Medio)


Altitude Coffee

Sweet & Vinous fragrances

Sustainable process