Café "La María"

Café “La María”

Café la María, is cultivated by Erika M. González Arboleda, in the mountains of “El Chaquiro”, in the heart of our village: Salgar. This coffee is the perfect combination between the delicacy of its aroma, the subtlety of its fragrance and the strong character of its flavor. With floral notes, bitter chocolate and citrus aftertaste, Café la María honors the Colombian Women dedicated to growing coffee.

Erika González, a health professional who decided to change her vocation to be responsible for the family coffee farm.
She is an empowered woman with the firm conviction of generating employment and quality of life from her coffee company.
For two years she has been working hard in the Colombian countryside, and in 2022 she joins forces with Manchuria to adopt transformation processes and technology to exploit the best of her crops.

Finca La María is a family legacy that today is in the hands of a woman convinced of the future of Colombian coffee


  • Coffee freshly roasted in Origin: Finca La Manchuria

  • Process: “Washed” – Fermented & Washed

  • Height: +1700 m.

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Weight350 g

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Grano, Molido ( Medio)