Coffee Drips "Premium"

Coffee Drips “Premium”

Discover our new revolutionary product, the coffee drips! An ecological alternative to Coffee pods and capsules!

Includes 10 coffee drips, each containing an individual dose of 10 grams of La Manchuria Premium Coffee.

This presentation allows you to prepare quickly an excellent coffee La Manchuria, wherever you are.

All you need to do, is open the individual bag, put the drip in a cup using its unique support, and pour 90ºC/ 194ºF water over the coffee.

That's it, your delicious coffee is ready to enjoy!

  • Coffee Freshly Roasted in Origin: Finca La Manchuria

  • Process: Washed – Depulped, Fermented and dried

  • Altitude: +1850 m.



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Weight100 g